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Friday, May 9, 2008

Flashy Flamingos and Halloween Cats

I'm working on a scuplted head - my last sculpture for the semester and probably for my life. I'll post pictures next week when it looks more like the model. He's got a beard and no hair on his head.
Today I put a few fabrics on the website - funky flamingos and some Halloween fabrics.

Dave, my husband, is requiring a lot of attention today. For one thing, I downloaded an upgrade to our mail program to be ready for the new rates May 12. As usual with upgrades, parts of it don't work. Dave is our mail guy, and he's having fits with it.

On top of that, he's just beginning to irrigate for the first time in his life. We bought 18 acres out in the country last fall, with nothing on it but irrigation ditches. The plan is to grow grass and hay and maybe mules. They told us this week that the water is in the ditch. So Dave has been ditching and building dams all week. Yesterday he hit his knee hard with a sledge hammer by accident. Of course, since I'm the wife, it's somehow my fault, but in any case he hurts.

We have skateboarding flamingos, fiddling cats, and lots more new stuff.
Dave just corrected me - he HAS irrigated before - when he was a kid, he helped his grandpa.

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