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Friday, November 7, 2008

Birthday Surprise in the Snow

Today we are getting snow. Marquerite and Julia and I went out and decorated the highway fence at the top of Jan Barnett's lane for her birthday. We've been collecting bras for a month. Her sister Ann from North Carolina came in with Rory, her local sister and surprised her, too.

I'm trying to get all the new fabric up on our website. We've received a lot lately. It is either feast or famine with the fabric.


Sylvia said...

This makes me glad my friends aren't so "supportive"!!! You girls have more imagination than anyone I know. This is right up there with the funnest thing I've ever seen.
Happy Birthday Jan!!!!!!!!!!!!

selmadiasartes said...

I´m from Brazil, and always I love to receive your letters from Big Horn Quilts. Today I find your blog.
I´m Patchahoolic too, and as you I like to write my thoughts, and post it as a blog.
I love the way you write the simple things of your day, the funny things like your friend´s
50th birthday (I made 50 in September and thanks God, none had your idea here, because I live in a very big city - São Paulo - and it would be very strange at least...). But I love all the funny kidding, and would like live closer you all, and participated with you….
Some of your letter I send by e-mail to my mom, and she likes your poetry way to see the life.
Thank you for your letters!!
Selma Dias

Jeanie Kieft said...

You gals are wild!!!
What fun!!!
Thanks for sharing and tell Jan happy 50th!!!