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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Catching up

Saturday Sherry taught a class called Day And Night, based on an Eleanor Burns pattern/book.  It was actually a second class for the few people who missed it when she taught it last year.  I kind of sat in on it, since the classroom is also my office.  Its kind of a neat quilt, because there are pieces left over that you can make a whole second quilt out of. 

Our new dog, Andy, has more or less decided he is Dave's little lap dog.  Dave fell asleep watching TV, but Andy didn't. 

I've had a stupid cold or something for two weeks.  I go through a day of sneezing but not feeling too bad, then the next day I can hardly move.  Then it goes away for a few days and then comes back.  So I went to the doctor yesterday and got some stuff to squirt up my nose.  Today I feel human.  Which is a good thing, because tonite is a fancy Chamber of Commerce dinner where I am to be installed as president.  The entree is barbequed ribs, which is number one on the list of things Dave won't eat in public because of his beard. Our marriage has survived 34 years on the principal that we don't volunteer each other for things.  He doesn't make me go out to his sub-zero black powder shoots, and I don't make him eat ribs in public, so I'll be attending the dinner without him. 

The donkeys are doing well.  I've about decided that Jasper (the white one) gets a wife and Fuzz (the brown one) gets the knife.  He's just a little too much stud for me.  Sometimes he scares me.

He's actually got very nice markings, a good cross on his back.  They call that a Jerusalem donkey, and the lore is that the shadow of Jesus' cross fell on a faithful donkey and they have carried the cross on their back ever since.  It is a black stripe down his center back, and you can just barely see the cross piece in this picture in front of Jasper's face.

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