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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Excitement in Greybull

Today they were to knock down the 5 stacks from the old refinery in Greybull. Some of them are almost 100 years old, and feel like the bones Greybull is built upon. Anyway, BP is cleaning up the site and hired Cleveland Wrecking to blow the stacks. They were supposed to blow at 4 pm today. Every business in town closed, and I think everyone in Greybull and from lots of the towns around were up on the bluffs somewhere around the town to see it. I've never seen so much traffic as there was at 3:30. They had an official viewing area at the ballfields south of town, but we opted to go across the river a little further away. There were 5 stacks, and they were supposed to drop them all at the same time. Let it be noted that there is an underground oilwell/tunnel operation within a few hundred feet of where the stacks stood. Needless to say, they cleared all their people out of there and really shored up their tunnels.

Above left are all five stacks, while we were waiting for the detonation. On the right is what it looked like when the charges all went off at the same time.

Then we saw them falling every which way, but lo and behold, one stack didn't fall! His name is survivor man, and they don't know what happened. Meanwhile, the oil people can't go check their tunnel.

Epilogue: Three hours later, at about 7:20 pm, my Tuesday night sewing group was having fun when we felt and heard another explosion. Survivorman went down. End of an era.


Sylvia said...

If it weren't for your blog I would have never known anything about this! Maybe I should get out more.
Thank you for sharing this piece of Wyoming history.
Great pictures by the way!

Gottaluvwyoming said...

Thank you for the pictures. The stacks coming down make me very nostalgic - I am in Boise, ID but the day the stacks went down my heart was where it often is - Greybull

Anonymous said...

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