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Thursday, May 29, 2008

What I've been up to

It rained here almost the whole Memorial Day weekend. Dave and I went to Powell Saturday to see the Lippizaner Stallions, but they were seating people on little bitty bleachers in a parking lot, and had an arena the size of my living room marked off for the show. Apparently the afternoon show had turned the real arena (the one with covered grandstands) into mud. It was pouring rain, the bleachers were sopping wet, and they still wanted $24 apiece. We decided we'd see the stallions the next time they come.

Sunday we went to Hyattville for the Cowboy Carnival. It was better than usual - for once we were able to see the working dog trials and still get something to eat (the last few years they ran out of food during the sheep trials). The food was great - barbeque beef, pork, and lamb - corn on the cob, beans and coleslaw. Pie from the pie contest for dessert. And Mary Lou Doyle put on another great quilt show. I didn't enter anything, but lots of my friends did, and some of them won. My favorite part of the day was, as always, the sheep trials. Those dogs are just amazing.

I'm working on decorating a chair for the local decorated chair contest. I've been stripping and sanding for a week, whenever the rain would let me work outside. I'm still not down to bare wood, but it is showing through in places.

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