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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last time I subject you to sculpture

One of my last assignments in the sculpture class was to do a skull. We had a plaster skull, and we were supposed to submit a picture showing our skull beside the plaster one. One of my classmates is obviously a fan of Achmed the Dead Terrorist.
Here are her skulls:
Aren't they funny?
My friend Sylvia keeps leaving very complementary comments on the blog, but we have a mutual admiration society. Here's the last quilt she made for me:

She does incredible work, makes a lot of the booth samples for the Big Fork Bay pattern company. I saw the wolf she made them and fell in love, so I begged her to make me one. She didn't charge me half of what its worth, because she said it was the fourth one she's made and it went together really fast. Like, get real!

I put a new jigsaw puzzle on the website under new gifts and notions, and a few new magazines today.
The girls who work for me have been checking the shelves and have found about 40 fabrics that somehow got deleted from the website before we were sold out of them, so they'll be going online tomorrow.

Our newest stuff


Jeanie Kieft said...

Ohhh I made the desert receipe and it is sooo good!!! I shared the site address with friend in IL and CA so they can see the fun things also.
Thanks so much.

Glad you are done with the clay stuff. The nudes made me a little nervous also. lol

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