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Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Saturday in May

This is my favorite month of the year. Today was absolutely gorgeous, no wind, about 70 degrees, the whole world is pregnant. We drove to Powell, to look at tractors. There was one advertised in the Buyers Guide that looked great, but it wasn't. It was missing one point of the three point hitch, it had a flat tire, and the seat wouldn't move. That was just the stuff we could see. So we went to Littons and got Dave a chain saw so he can start killing Russian Olive trees.
For those of you that live in other parts of the country, our most noxious weed is the Russian Olive tree. It grows everywhere, soon taking over pastures, creeks, any piece of land that it can. I understand that during the 1930s the government introduced it to this area, and now they spend a lot of money on workshops and chemicals to get rid of it. Typical.
Anyway, Dave is now the proud owner of a chainsaw, and we stopped at a greenhouse and I got some peppers and flowers to plant. It was a nice lazy day. Mostly I rode in the car and read.
Tomorrow we're going out to our land and work - my job is gathering rocks for his dam building project. (Not damn, dam - he really is building dams.) And pulling up cockleburr plants. It really is kind of fun since we don't have to do it to survive. We're just going to see how much we can improve the 18 acres we bought.

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