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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

About time!

Tonight at sew-in my friend Marquerite reminded me that I havent blogged for almost a month. Yarg!

Last Saturday Jan Barnett invited us out to her ranch to sew. She is an incredible person, she does most of the tractor work on a huge ranch/farm, she bakes most of the wedding and party cakes for our community, she's the best longarm quilter in Big Horn County, and she is fun! We did stack and whack quilts, most of us hadn't done one for years. We did a potluck lunch, which looked delicious. I'm doing the Atkins thing (haven't had a carb for a month) so I ate roast beef, cheese and devilled eggs. It was good, but the rice pudding and cheesecake looked better. Oh well, I'm going to find my bones one of these days.

Last night our guild, the Loose Threads met in Basin. We had a great show and tell - I could bore you with lots of pictures, but this quilt Sharon Brown showed was interesting - her DAD made it! She said her Dad made a pink one, and her mom made a blue one, just alike. It is kind of crossstitched on gingham, I forget what they called that kind of stitch - looks like a little asterisk on each check of the gingham. Then it was pieced and hand quilted, all done by her dad.

My right hand, Claire Schulz, is on vacation this week, so I actually have to stay at the shop all morning and pull orders, remove fabric from the internet, and answer the phone so the rest of the staff can cut orders. I've really gotten lazy because I have such good help.

My art class is gearing up for the final project which is going to take a lot of hours. Right now I'm painting a mandala. In gouache, which is not very forgiving. It is basically just poster paint, but it is a lot trickier than the other kinds of paints I've used. For my final project, I'm going to do some fabric designs (go figure). I'll post them when I get them done.