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Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer's almost over

Wow, this summer is sure shooting by fast. Its fast approaching the end of July, and I haven't hardly done any real summer things. Well, I've snuck down the alley and stole raspberries from my neighbor's bushes which hang over their fence, but that isn't really a biggie. I do it every year about this time. I really don't think they mind, they never harvest half of their berries, and they sure are big and juicy.

Claire will be back Monday, so I won't have to work so much next week. I'm trying to get my painting assignments all done, they have to be mailed to arrive in San Francisco by August 4.

This year school is starting for the teachers August 13 in Greybull. Pretty soon there won't be any summer vacation at all, what a bummer.

Yesterday Dave decided to mow the lawn and asked me if I would do the weed whacker thing, the trim where the lawn meets the fences and the house - the parts he can't reach with the lawn mower. I said sure, but about half way through, the weed eater quit on me. Dave stopped the lawn mower, fixed the weed eater, huffing like I was being stupid, and handed it back to me running. He went back to the lawn mower, and still in a state of huffsmanship, pulled too hard on the mower rope and broke it! He had to take the lawn mower all apart to fix it. I'm sure in his mind it was all my fault. Luckily, he gets over things like that quickly.

He's cleaning up the garage so I can use the bowflex. The ceilings in our new house are too low for it, so we put it in the garage, and it has gradually accumulated the kind of junk that any horizontal suface gathers. Basically, it is a huge junk area, but he's actually restoring some order there. This is good.

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