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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Parade

This was our entry for the Greybull Holidazzle parade. Dave is the one with the Santa Clause beard holding up the Christmas tree. I'm sitting on a hay bale behind him, freezing my butt. It was a fun evening. The mules are Pepper and Jackson, and they belong to Jeff McManus, who is in the middle. Dale Clark is driving in this picture, but the guys took turns. We got the 'Holiday Spirit' award because our entry (can't really call it a float) was so non commercial. It was non commercial because we didn't get our act together and make a sign. Also, we were the only one with animals - all the rest had trucks, so they were a lot better lit than ours. This picture was in the Greybull Standard, our local weekly.
Quilt wise, right now I'm trying to get some samples made of the Big Horn Quilt 2009 First Saturday quilt. It will be a sampler quilt, made from Eleanor Burns' Victory Quilt book. I'm trying to make it in different colorways - the ones in the book are mostly red white and blue, so I'm making one in plaids, one in fall colors, and one that is kind of pink and purple. There are 20 blocks altogether, but I'm only about six blocks into it. I'll do pictures when I get a little further along.

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