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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On to the next project

I finally finished my mystery quilt, well, I got the borders on. I'm going to send it out for quilting, so right now I'm working on putting a back together for it. It isn't really big enough for a bed quilt, except maybe for a kid. I did decide not to overdye it, since I had so many comments saying it wasn't all THAT bright.
I've got incipient cataracts, and until I get them chopped off, I have a bad sense of relative brightness.
We had sewin last night, and Shirlee brought her one block wonder top to show us.

Isn't it cool? That pattern makes the neatest quilts!
Marquerite was working on her latest Victory Quilt, she's making it out of
'Indian' fabrics, in honor of Eleanor Anderson, a full blooded Cheyenne Indian that was a much loved member of our community. She decided on blue corner stones, with lots of input from the peanut gallery.


Elaine Adair said...

Finally!??? You are speedy!!! And it is absolutley gorgeous!!! I've got parts of my DD on the LR floor, trying to finish other obligations so I can get back to this lovely project.

Congratulations, -- from western NEbraska!

Sylvia said...

Julie, Your quilt doesn't seem bright to me. Especially if you use it in a childs room. It's great!
Shirlee's quilt is absolutely gorgeous as are all of her quilts.
And Marquerite..what a wonderful idea! And another speedy quilter who does such perfect quilts.

Anonymous said...

Your top looks good to me. They are all bright in that pattern, from what I've seen. =) My DH is at the point of needing that surgery and I can't drag him to VA. I thought sure the blinder he got, the more he'd want to go. Duh! Everyone who's had it says it is fast, painless - maybe a little discomfort for a day or two for some - and easy.