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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Snow in June

What a crazy spring! I set out tomatoes May 15th, and they immediately got frosted, so I set out more the next week. They were surviving if not actually growing, and danged if it isn't snowing today, June 7th! All my corn is up, onions and potatoes should be fine, and the lettuce looks jubilant, but some of the warm weather stuff will probably have to be replaced.
Friday night we went to a wedding in Shell, for Travis Marshall. We've known him since before he was born - his parents were our best friends then, and we watched him grow into a horrible brat and then out of the brat stage into a fine man. He's in the army, and we're so proud of him. And Cara, his bride is gorgeous and nice!

His lab, Bear, was the ring bearer, and performed perfectly!

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Margaret G said...

Nice picture, Julie. Love that they included the dog.

This past week, I've turned the heat on in the early am and the a/c in the late afternoon. My thermostat is getting schizoid.