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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer is flying by

Okay, so much for New Years resolutions - I have gone a whole month without posting. I've been gardening, sewing, painting (a lot) and haven't been spending much time on the computer. Tonight was our usual Tuesday night sewing night, and Shirlee asked me to post pictures of the quilt she just finished quilting for her friend Jackie who lives in Wheatland. (If Jackie is really Jacquie or whatever, I apologize.) It is a one-block wonder, and is gorgeous. I especially love what Jackie did with the border.

Marquerite came by with her new baby, whose name is McDuff. He's a Westmoreland Terrior, and is so mellow and snuggly, he's a doll. She scratched his belly and he was estatic until he fell asleep in the belly rubbing position.

My garden is going well, especially the weeds. I was worried about flood irrigation, never having had any experience with it, but Dave was right (I hate it when that happens) and it works. We have to go up to 5 days at a time without water, but Dave bought me some big poly drums which I have for emergency water, and so far this spring has had more rain than usual.

Today is my daughter Becky's birthday! She's mumble mumble years old, and since I'm only 20, she's not allowed to be mumble mumble years old.

I watched Michael Jackson's funeral thing today, and was moved. I didn't expect to be, I just watched it because I expected good music, but I ended up thinking a lot more of him than I did yesterday. His life must have been really rough.

I promise to blog more. Not that I have an adoring public out there waiting for my wonderful prose, but just because its a self discipline thing - I've been really lazy.


BrookieGirl said...

I'm adoring public. I promise.

Gena in Dallas said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. And your biography is anything but boring! I'd get rid of everything I own to move to your part of this country!

Nikki said...

Ok Julie, Im sick of reading the same blog post. Im sure there has to be something new going on in your life up there in Greybull. We need some new blogies from you. All of us adoring fans are on the edge of our seats, we need to know what is up and see the latest works of Julie Owens. Love you

MoJo said...

Julie, I'm so relieved to find a blogger who posts about as often as I do! I love the concept, but I truely live a boring life (as opposed to your psuedo-boring life), and find that I rarely have anything exciting to share. I love your store website and have been wishing I lived a little closer so that I could come in and partake of the quilting atmosphere. I'm a beginner quilter and I've loved reading about all your quilting adventures. Visit me on my blog sometime if you want to see what a REAL boring life is all about! ~your sis-in-law, M.A.

An said...

Julie, it's a lot of fun and interesting reading your blog, but it isn't if it stays the same for 2 months. Give us something to start the winter in quilt-style.

Debi said...

Hi Julie, what a pretty picture - the blue and yellow fabric - what is it called? regards Debi