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Thursday, December 17, 2009

We've had a busy month so far - went to Laramie to see Brook, our oldest granddaughter, get married. We're going to the Chase Hawks Rough Stock Rodeo this Saturday in Billings. And the weather has been hovering on both sides of zero for several weeks, meaning two trips a day out to our pastureland to break ice for Fuzz and Jasper. They've never been tamed except when they were babies, and they sometimes act like the jackasses they are, but that is going to change. Just as soon as the weather mellows out some. The white one, Jasper, actually is very friendly. Fuzz spooks really easily, so he's going to take some quieting down.

This is the newest member of our family, Andy. He is a rescue dog, half lab and half border collie, with one ear representing each breed. He's rambunctious and insecure, but he's getting calmer every day. He doesn't make us forget Maggie and Walter, but at least he fills a big dog-shaped hole in our lives. Dave found him on the internet, cruising the nearby animal shelters. The Roundup, MT shelter had him - his original name was Doobie. My daughters think that is more appropriate for him than Andy, but we're sticking with Andy.


Margaret said...

What a charmer Andy looks to be. I like the name. Nice, solid name for a nice, solid looking dog.

Can't wait to follow the jackass escapades.

pecasatwo said...

Julie: Your Andy looks very much like my Merlin. A pound puppy originally we got him at 8 months and he is the joy of our now empty-nest. He does talk a lot, though maybe he would talk less if we didn't talk back to him! Merlin is lucky to have survived the terrible two's when he ate 10 pairs of my shoes! Hope your Andy is beyond that or better behaved!

Anonymous said...

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