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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Worst Blogger in the World

I have got to be the worst blogger in the world. Excuses are like armpits - everybody has them, and they all stink. So I'll just admit I haven't felt like blogging and go from there. I went to a great quilt retreat in Cody and got quite a bit done - a couple wall hangings, a table runner, and a top using Ricky Timm's kaleidescope. The same weekend as the retreat, we got a new dog. His name is Andy and he is a border collie - lab mix. He's about 18 months old, and has way too much energy. He has to be walked every day, and we're working on actually walking rather than trying to pull the human all over town. He would make a great sled dog, he's sure got pulling muscles.
I was walking him and a squirrel ran across the street from our side. He took off after the squirrel, and I went flying through the air horizontally across the street. He missed the squirrel by inches as it ran up a tree. He barked at it, saying "I'd have had you for dinner if I hadn't had to pull this fat lady across the street".
We also got two donkey's from Jan and Fred Barnett. Their names are Jasper and Fuzz, both jacks. I'm now in the business of checking on them two or three times a day, breaking the ice on their water, and trying to get them to come to me. They get closer every time I go out there, but they still haven't decided I'm safe yet. I still don't have pictures of the them, but I'll post pictures next time I blog.


Cherie said...

So what if you don't blog for a while? It's your blog, so blog when you want too :) It's fun reading when you do blog so no complaints from this previous lurker.

Anonymous said...

Your Big Horn Quilt Store says in the newsletter that you're finally back in the fabric business... what happened, I didn't know you ever were out of the business.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


Blogging is something that takes time for a regular post---do it when you HAVE time! There is a blog-- "Blogging Without Obligation" and I have their little logo in my sidebar to remind myself that I do NOT have to kill myself trying to blog when I don't want/need to.
I enjoy trying to do daily posts, but I'm not running a huge fabric business either......
And I have to admit I too was curious when you said you were "back in the fabric business"....


Nikki said...

So glad to see that you are feeling up to blogging again, also Its great that you got a new dog. I bet Dave is in heaven with his two new asses. LOL. See you soon at Brooke's wedding. Love Ya.

Crazy Horse Quilting said...

Julie...I adore your donkeys; I've been dying to have one, but my husband seems to think that four horses are enough...go figure! I can totally sympathize with the "breaking the ice" comment. We take hot water out to the pasture twice a day just to keep their water from freezing quite so quickly. Enjoy your critters...I love your shop!

Dory Miller