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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy weekend

We had looked forward to last weekend, because Brook and her brand new husband Sam were coming.  As usual, two days of cleaning the house beforehand, vacuuming up dog hair (how does it get IN the oven?) from everywhere, dusting all the places I never think of normally and scouring the bathroom.  We need to have company more often, we'd sure have a cleaner house.  Anyway, we were expecting them on Friday, and on Thursday my son Josh called, said he was in Wyoming on a business trip and had Nikki and kids.  They live in Colorado now, and Nikki really misses Casper so he brought them to see old friends.  He asked could they come and spend Friday night?  It was great having everyone here.  We really like Sam, its great to see Brook so happy.
In the shop we are getting ready for our Twelfth Annual Superbowl Sunday Sale.  Its always fun.  We have a catered goodie table, by Linda Fulton.   She used to work for me, but she has been a professional chef, and makes finger foods to die for.  We put everything in the store 20% off, and draw door prizes every half hour.  Lots of my friends bring handwork and sit in the classroom and eat and sew and gossip.   We are open from 12-4.  I'll get pictures this year and post them on the blog.  
This morning I went out to a farm that has a lot of donkeys, looking for a prospective wife for Jasper.  I'm no expert, and don't even know how to evaluate a donkey.  I just want a jenny of breeding age who is tame and reasonably pretty.  I'll find her - I just started looking.  Wouldn't it be cool to have a donkey baby?


Margaret said...

Or even a baby donkey. LOL
How lovely to have some of your chickies home for a few days. I'll bet there was lots of gabbing and laughing going on.

Gwyn said...

Not necessarily for public posting. I heard the rumours when I visited your shop for the first time ever in August. The rumors were from within. I am not from WYO, but my Mum is. While I don't necessarily have more money than more sense, sometimes I don't have much of the latter. Well that's not really true, and so if the time comes for the place to sell, maybe I just need to make a huge change in my life.