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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New cars vs old cars

Today is the last day of hunting season here, so everyone who still has a tag has to use it today. Seems like about half the men in town aren't in town today, they've gone on the last hunt. I made an appointment a week ago to get a new battery and starter in my car, and this morning when I took it in, I found out the mechanic is going hunting today. Oh well. I drive a 1995 Chevy Tahoe, and I plan on keeping it running until I die. I had a newer car for a while, right after I got my knees replaced. The Tahoe involves climbing to get in and dropping to the ground to get out. Dave sold his pickup and drove the Tahoe at that time. I HATED all the features the new car had. It had this stupid light on the top of the dash that stayed on all the time - supposed to be a safety feature. How is running your battery down more safe? It insisted on locking the doors all the time - I hate a car that thinks its smarter than I am. That door locking thing was just plain inconvenient. I like to decide when the doors will be locked. Most of the time I choose to leave them unlocked. The first time I ran out in the dark in my pajamas to get a book out of the car and found it completely locked up, I decided I really hated that car. Then there was the seat belt thing - instead of just telling you once politely that you might want to put your seat belt on, the newer Mercury kept telling me, louder and louder until I finally put it on. And it didn't have a tape player, only a CD player! My Tahoe has both. If I had my druthers and could design my own car, I would have:
1. wing windows - I still don't know why they got rid of them.
2. crank windows. It is stupid to have to start your car to operate the windows. Plus the safety thing, what if your car won't start? What if you drive into a river and can't get out because the engine is flooded and the pressure is too high to open the door?
3. I like the dingy reminder that your lights are on when you shut off the car, but I hate the loud buzzer thing that tells everyone within 100 yards that you are leaving the keys in the car when you run into a convenience store, or trying to get the trailer ball lined up with the trailer hitch.
4. Both cd and tape player
5. Airbags
6. A trunk that doesn't open from inside the car. That way, you can put any valuables in the trunk and lock it and leave the car unlocked for convenience.

Enough ranting.

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