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Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

No pictures today, but several people have pointed out that it is dumb to have a blog if you aren't ever going to write anything on it. So, here goes.
This year we didn't go anywhere for Thanksgiving, just stayed home and ate leftovers and played computer games and cleaned house. A lot of our kids got together in Laramie at daughter Becky's house, but since we had gone to Laramie for her son's wedding in August, we had just seen everyone. Daughter Sibyl and granddaughter Julie stopped and spent the night on their way back to Helena, so we did get in a little Scrabble.
The donkeys are fine, and in spite of some below zero weather already, the water tap hasn't frozen up, and the solar water tank is working beautifully. For anyone else who has to water stock in freezing weather without electricity, I recommend this tank! We ordered ours from the maker, It sure beats trying to break six inches of ice with a sledge hammer.
I've been painting again, and sewing still, making some placemats for Sibyl this week. Our store is beginning to feel like Christmas, the staff was busy Saturday getting decorations up. I think this year I'm really feeling holiday spirit!

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